Binary Options Brokers Reviews – What We Recommend After Our Research

Binary Options Brokers Research
No Broker Name (Regulated (Y/N) Bonus% Min Dep. Max Return%
1 TradeRush Yes 25% $100 85%
2 24Option Yes 100% $250 89%
3 Goptions Yes 100% $200 90%
4 CedarFinance No 200% $200 85%
5 BancdeBinary Yes 100% $250 85%
6 TopOption No 100% $200 85%

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A lot more people than you would think today are getting into trading and making quite a successful process out of it for themselves. People who you’d never expect to get involved, from college students to grandmothers, are taking the disposable income they have and trying to turn it into something more. The ones who make a success of it keep on doing it, the ones who don’t look at something else.

I’m Deanna, I’m 36 and I’m a buyer for a tech company on the West Coast of the USA. The money’s pretty good, and the hours are pretty forgiving too. I’ve got a decent amount of spare time, which is good because I like to travel and I like to trade binary options. And yes, as I’ve suggested above, I do pretty well from it – that’s why I keep doing it.

One day on my lunch break I read an article about how binary options were becoming popular and decided to check it out. Call it beginner’s luck, but I took my small initial investment and the bonus that came with it and by the end of the day I was a couple of thousand up. That kind of cash helps to focus the mind on something; and when I get focused on something I can get quite single-minded!

So when I decided I was really going to try binary options, the first thing I decided was that I was going to shop around for the best service out there. I’ve seen binary options grow more popular as time goes by, and although brand loyalty is cool one thing that I always make sure is to get the best deal for me. So I wasn’t just going to take any binary option broker at face value or stick with one because it was the first I tried.

In all my shopping around I found that there were some very good binary options brokers and some others that weren’t so great. It’s the same with anything, especially when there is competition in there; you get some trailblazers which start it all up and are good going forward, others which fall by the wayside as competition grows, and some others which learn from the best and make it better.

And of course you have the fly-by-nights who start up because they think it looks easy, and promise the earth but can’t deliver anything. Often, you only find out who they are when they’ve taken a lot of money from you.

In my experience, you can get a feel for the broker that will work best for you pretty early on as long as you know what to look for. A broker is only as good as what they can deliver, so when you start with a broker you should always be relatively cautious to begin with, only put in the money you can afford to put in and only place a trade if you can afford to lose it.

Does that sound over-cautious to you? It’s really just common sense; you learn from your mistakes, so it’s best to get as much learning as you can from as little expense. Once you’ve been working on it for a while you’ll find your rhythm and you’ll know the risks you can take and the ones you cannot.

For me, I found that the best options broker out there was TradeRush. They were one of the first ones I tried, and they were the one I kept coming back to time and again. And the thing is, I looked at them compared to other binary options brokers based simply on the numbers and didn’t think they’d be the best. They don’t throw big bonuses at you like a lot of other brokers, but they also don’t charge the earth to make your first trades, and they make it all so simple.

There are lots of binary options brokers to choose from, and naturally that means that there will be a lot of different brokers who will offer you the earth to get you to join. I had a few negative experiences with brokers who promised to match every deposit with an unbeatable bonus, but when the time comes to cash out that money there are so many obstacles thrown in your way.

No, what I like most about TradeRush is that this is a broker that shoots straight and gives you what they say they will give you. They play fair, and it works well for the broker and the trader. All you have to deposit to get started is just $100, and once you’ve deposited that the whole platform opens up for you allowing you to experience binary options trading the way it should be experienced.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone looking to get started in binary options trading, it would be to find a broker that they feel comfortable with and can have confidence in. If things go well, these are guys who will be handling a lot of money for you. You don’t want to spend hours on the phone and emailing people to try and get your payout, when you’ve put the time and the research in to make sure that you’ve earned it.

I feel totally comfortable with TradeRush, because I’ve traded a lot of money with them over a few years now and, when I did have some teething troubles at the beginning (you won’t find a broker or a trader for whom that is not the case), I just had to speak to them and explain what the situation was. There was no hesitation, no juggling me from call handler to call handler, no messing me around. Nothing like that; I would say that they’re the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

Now, that’s not to say that only TradeRush can deliver for you. I don’t think a broker exists that works all the time for everyone; I don’t think a company exists that can be that diverse and flexible. And they’re not the only company I like. They’re the one I use because they’re the one I feel totally confident in. A championship golfer won’t play a round with his friend’s clubs if he can help it, but that doesn’t make them bad clubs.

Personally, I have had good experiences with more than a few binary options brokers and, when there are trades I can’t make with TradeRush – they’re rare but I hear about them on the grapevine – then I will sometimes use other web-based brokers. I have found in the past that and Goptions are trustworthy and efficient, and all-around good binary options broking platforms. But if we’re talking about the same trade at the same time with the same conditions, I’d always pick TradeRush.

Binary options trading should be enjoyable, when you get down to it. The vast majority of people doing it are not trading for a living, although some do when they get into the really high numbers. So if you’re going to be trading in your down time it makes sense that you want it to be completely stress-free. It also makes sense that you want it to have that soothing familiarity that down-time pastimes have. And TradeRush have a trading platform that really lends itself to being comfortable and familiar.

There are a lot of things to like about TradeRush as a broker. They have a great range of assets to trade, which means you can get to grips with dozens of different trades – from foreign currencies, commodities and more besides. They have a range of trading features, too, which means you can branch out from simple Call/Put trades and try out some of the more interesting, potentially more lucrative trades.

Taking the time to get to grips with a complicated trading platform can be frustrating, and it can lead to your early mistakes being more expensive than they need to be. Fortunately the TradeRush trading system is simplicity itself – hugely intuitive and easy for beginners to pick up. If you’re a beginner, I cannot recommend a better broker for you that TradeRush. And given that I’ve been using it for a few years now, I can say that even if you’re not a beginner, it’s amazing.

One thing that turns some people off binary trading is the idea that it could be a scam of some sort. Trading money online is always going to involve taking a certain amount on faith, and I have heard some horror stories about experiences that friends have had with binary options brokers. Those stories can get far and wide and before too long, the whole industry is damned for the sins of a few.

The good news is that TradeRush is a wholly regulated broker, registered with Cysec which makes it a broker that can be trusted. It’s all too easy to end up taking the word of a disreputable broker that you just need to invest some more before you can make a withdrawal from your account, and before too long you end up losing more money than you could afford to give up. But with TradeRush everything is above board from the beginning; and the fact that it is a regulated broker certainly doesn’t hurt.

So given the fact that I’ve been doing this for a while and I have experience of as wide a range of brokers as possible, it’s with absolute confidence that I can say there is no better broker to get into binary options with than TradeRush.

If you want to try some other brokers before you get the show on the road, then you’re more than welcome to give them a spin. I do like 24option and Goptions, and some of my good friends swear by Banc de Binary and Cedarfinance; UK brokers really like TopOption. I’ve tried them all and they’re pretty good – but in the end I keep coming back to TradeRush and that’s the one that I’d recommend.

There is a whole wide world ahead of you if you want to get into binary options trading, and I would happily recommend it to anyone – my mother, my friends or just anyone looking to make a few dollars here and there – or perhaps a lot more. So if you’re looking to get into trading, and you want my opinion, I’d say get to as soon as possible.

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